A New Year -2022!!!

06 January 2022




They Chose the Gift of Art

30 December 2021

                                           'Trixie and Honey'


                                           'Pinot and Carmel' 

A novel could be written on these four dogs from two different families.  The love they gave and received is beyond measure.  One of the four is still in physical form.  The other three live on in spirit.  Like my friend Karolina once said : 'they get you in places you never knew you had......' 





Some Tears Fell....

28 December 2021

                        "Charlie and Ella "  They said: we love the art you created!


 'Cookie'.  She said : Thank you for making me give the most amazing gift ever!!!!


 'Hurricane '  she said: Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are of the painting, Dave was really surpised. There 

were tears in his eyes. 


 'Sam'. She said: "it came to me in mediation to give Jo this perfect gift, she adores Sam! 


Here are some dog portraits from this holiday season.  I was as excited as the 'giver' for the 'receiver' to see their beloved pet painted to have and behold forever.  These dogs get me, when I paint them, I truly connect and feel as if they were mine!  




Seeing a common Thread

21 November 2021



  I'm seeing a common thread in a my works as of late smiley




Mother Nature Strutting Her Stuff

21 October 2021

                      Lake Louise Reflection 40" x 40" silk paint on charmeuse

My high school field hockey coach, Robyn Jones said,  'fall is when mother nature struts her stuff.'  I see her strutting her stuff in all seasons, but fall beauty is a way of saying - 'hang in there through the winter!'


Morning Fog

24 September 2021


So much is unknown yet with magical timing, the fog will lift and the clearing will shine the light on the perfect path.


Big Darn Friendly Dog Coming at You

27 August 2021




Otis was the 'model' for the latest mural which commemorates the opening of the largest indoor dog park in Pennsylvania, appropriately named WAGS.  Here dogs and cats can be boarded, groomed and romp around obstacle courses interacting and playing with one another.   




50th Birthday Present!

24 June 2021

                "Family of Five.... Actually Seven"  60" x 87" acrylic on canvas

 In lieu of going to Paris to celebrate her fiftieth birthday because of the pandemic, she requested a painting by me for her dining room.  The painting is an representational interpretation of her family of five... well, actually,  seven ☺️


Today I went to Mocanaqua!

16 June 2021


How neat is it for a great grandfather to want his great grand sons to be permanently on his house?  Today I put the images of these two adorable boys on his house, an idyllic location with calming views of the Susquehanna river.

The Inspiration... It's All Around You

26 May 2021




He said, 'where did you get the idea for this?'  I said, 'I looked out my window.'  We live in such a beautiful area, the inspiration, it's all around us.  Recent hangings in one of the  newly renovated dining areas at Mt. Airy Lodge in the Poconos, Pa. 




A Recent Commission -

10 May 2021



The owners of this painting are avid bike riders, they wanted a piece similar to my painting BRIGHT for their home - can you see the hidden bikers, riding up the notorious hills of northeastern Pennsylvania??? 



Ahhh.... Spring... Are You Really Coming?

02 April 2021

                              'April Renewal'  silk paint on charmeuse silk     

Yesterday I did one of my most favorite things, I picked daffodils and lovingly brought them inside.  This morning they greeted me with their exuberant levity and color.  I am so thankful for the promise of renewal that comes every year.  So true that everything to be learned about life can come from watching mother nature do her thing. 


This silk painting 40" x 40" stretched is my latest piece - it's making me smile... a lot!!!smiley ps. I woke up two days in a row to snow! 

You Couldn't Script This...

01 February 2021

The last four people who have sent me photos of my work in their homes, placed the piece on their mantle above the fireplace with each exclaiming, 'the place of honor'.  What an honor, indeed! : )



                       Silk painting now living in Scranton, Pa 



                       Maine house portrait now haning in Washington DC



                           Silk painting now hanging in Kennsington Square, Pa


      Only these two paintings from condo  were saved from fire in Philly, Pa 







A Person Worth Knowing

07 January 2021

Writer Dawn Leas has a newly published book "A Person Worth Knowing."  I feel so honored to have been asked for one of my paintings to grace its cover.  Last night I read most of the poems becoming mesmerized by Dawn's ability to see the most infinite details in everyday living.  What a gift her observations share with the world! Thank you Dawn!!! 





31 December 2020



Yes - that sums it up .... a BRIGHT AND BUOYANT 2021..... Love, Leigh : )




Christmas Commissions and the Responses they got!

26 December 2020

                                    "The painting was a hit!!! smileyheart Thanks again!" 



"Beautiful job Leigh, I loved it, the new owner loves it, she was.moved to tears.  It was appreciated, I am grateful for you."



                          "Hi Leigh, I love my painting so much, thank you!!!"


Sixth Mural on Wet Paint Building

29 November 2020


This marks the sixth mural I've done on the Wet Paint Building in South Wilkes-Barre.  The initial idea comes from Steve Taren, the owner, and we then co-create together to the completed image.  His latest business is the largest dog park in PA!  There will be a place especially for the young and old canines and felines, boarding, training, grooming and a large area (park) for play and exercise!  What a great need fulfilled for our area! 

From Studio to Mt. Airy !

22 November 2020




The inspiration came from the gaming tables and the chandelier, after the studies were approved, the big pieces were done in the studio. And then, on Friday, the hanging! So much fun to see these new works up on the walls of Mt. Airy Casino - truly a destination resort, spa and casino in our very own NEPA! 		</div>
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Our 2020 Fall

13 November 2020

                      "Our 2020 Fall"           fabric paint on silk            44" x 44" 

Someone recently said one thing we can say about 2020 is the spring, summer and fall were perfect!  Someone else said after viewing my latest piece that 'it's just how they'll remember this fall when they close their eyes.' 


New Painting for Conference Room!

25 September 2020

Berkshire Asset Management in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, is changing its logo and brand from the profile of a dog's head to a tree in every season. Ken Krogulski joined Berkshire in 1990 after serving eleven years as senior portfolio manager for the First Eastern Bank trust company. They have stood the test of time, weathering all seasons with clients locally and globally. Hence the impetus for the painting was born: a tree in all seasons, and a bridge (the very gorgeous Market Street Bridge!) 'bridging' clients near and far. Ken asked for a red cardinal in the painting to honor the clients who have passed. We agreed to add the dog's silhouette, albeit subtle.... can you find it? What a great project and so rewarding to see this 4' x 6' acrylic commission hung in such a beautiful conference room overlooking public square. Thank you Ken!