She liked...

02 July 2017



She liked the Vortex painting and the dragonfly painting. She loves nature and is in the field of helping people. She commissioned me to create a painting for her new office. This is what I came up with.  




Here's Gus!

25 June 2017


Here's Gus, he's been memorialized on this 6' x 10' fence which is going to be one of many forming a courtyard at the SPCA.  In this space potential owners can meet their future pet.




I Want....

21 May 2017

I want to feast my eyes 

I want to consciously realize

I want to be present for… 

I want to like myself more



I’m going to take it as it comes....


                         "Coming up for Air 2"

                       Acrylic, collage on panel

                               48" x 24" 


I’m going to take it as it comes. : )

Four Murals for a new Hardee's in Wilkes-Barre

28 May 2017


Hardee's is a franchise that requires at least two murals which up until now, were done on the computer and enlarged. Thanks to Jim O'Connell of Resource Media, I was able to paint them.  Jim designed the images to represent what it means to live in Wilkes- Barre.  He also did final touches once they were hung.  The fours colleges: King's, Wilke's, LCCC and Misericordia are depicted as well as the Susquehanna River and lush northeastern Pennsylvania landscape. The historical buildings: The Luzerne County Court House, City Hall, and the Stegmaier Federal Building are just a few of the outstanding structures that grace our city and are shown with kids enjoying the River Commons.  Hardee's is located right off of 81 across from TGIF'S and is connected to a gas station all owned by Nick Patel. The comments so far have been so amazed that a Hardee's would have original art.  I'm thankful that they do and that I was a part of a new beginning. 









Good Bye March - Hello April

31 March 2017


It's raining.  This I know for sure, it's going to be one lush spring. 

Without the gray days, we wouldn't appreciate the sun when it shines, shines, shines .... and it will.  Always does. 

Fox sighting

12 March 2017

The almighty fox took a long gaze my way the other day gingerly sauntering away as my dog, Weez, went bezerk.  Animal sightings do not go unnoticed and I immediately look to see what they are telling me.   This is what I found.

 The symbolism of a fox sighting :



  • Physical or mental responsiveness, increased awareness
  • Cunning; seeing through deception; call to be discerning
  • Ability to find your way around, to be swift in tricky sitations
  • Affinity with nocturnal activities and dream work

Goodbye January

31 January 2017

Seeing  the sun through the tunnel of darkness on my walk  sends calm and hope to my being. We have our share of gray days here in Northeaster Pa, so when the sun comes out it, everyone want to shout out "Hallelujah!."  Hence, the title of this piece - 40" x 40" on charmeuse silk. 



She Said....

25 January 2017

She said:   "I hadnt' seen one of these in a long time when your text came in."


A New Year.....

01 January 2017


10 December 2016

There's something about ferns that intrigue me.  They seem to be the sort of 'oak tree of plants' with their sturdiness, beauty and quiet strength.  These two 30" x 40" acrylic and collage on wood titles 'Verdant 1 and 2' can be seen at Marquis Gallery in Scranton, Pa. 




From Easel to Breakfast Nook

20 November 2016

For a couples first anniversary I was commissioned to do a painting that symbolized their love. Years later, after they had  breakfast nook  completed in their farm house I was asked to paint their kids when toddlers.  Their special talents, personalities, birth date and quotes from Mamma all snuck inside a 12" x 12" panel.  I smiled the entire time I did them.




New look for the SPCA - A bit of color goes a long way!

05 October 2016

This building which used to be both an orphanage and animal shelter got a 'redo'.  A contest was held for submissions to create a design which would capture the feeling of warmth and hope.  Katie Nork's design won and I was the painter.  Truly a group effort.  A lot of things need to line up for this sort of thing to come to fruition, the indian summer didn't hurt matters. : )


Upcoming Show!

04 August 2016




I have openings the first and second Friday in September . I hope you will come because YOU are invited!

First Friday in Scranton, PA at Artworks Gallery with Sharon Cosgrove.  Second Friday - Kingston, PA  at Wyoming Seminary's new Rusty Flack Art Gallery.




The Rusty Flack Art Gallery at Wyoming Seminary is pleased to announce that area artist and muralist Leigh Pawling will be featured in the Gallery’s inaugural professional exhibit, running September 1-30. The solo exhibit, titled “Layers of Light: An Exhibit by Leigh Pawling,” will be on display in the Gallery, located in Sem’s Kirby Center for Creative Arts, 260 North Sprague Avenue, Kingston. 

The public is invited to meet the artist and view her exhibit during a reception on Friday, Sept. 9 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. The exhibit also will be open to the public on September 3, 10, 17 and 24 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. or by appointment. 

Pawling, of Dallas, has been a painter, muralist and teacher for nearly 25 years and her exuberant, large-scale murals in Wilkes-Barre, Kingston, Tunkhannock, Pittston and other areas are well-known. She also has exhibited widely in area galleries in both solo and group shows. A Pennsylvania Rostered Artist, she is a painting instructor for the award-winning prestigious Arts Alive program at Marywood University, held every year in July. 

This exhibit will feature 15-20 vibrantly-colored acrylic and mixed media works of various sizes, created since 2008. One highlight of the show will be Pawling’s Life Series, a collection of four large works that shows the evolution of a human being from a single entity in childhood, to “couple hood” and parenthood, and finally at the end of life, alone once again. Other works will depict the human figure, common everyday objects and area landscapes.

The opportunity to feature work of this high caliber as the Flack Gallery’s first professional exhibit is very exciting, says Dan Krueger, Flack Gallery director and director of Sem’s Visual Arts program.

“It is so important for our school to exhibit local professional artists on campus, and very beneficial for our students to see this level of work in person,” he said. “Colleen Ayers, Sem visual arts teacher, and I are both excited about this upcoming exhibition. To offer a show of this quality is a natural extension of our long-standing arts program, which has already seen a number of Sem graduates going on to successful careers in a variety of arts-related fields.” 

For more information, or to make an appointment to view the exhibit, contact Sem Director of Alumni Programs Julie McCarthy Strzeletz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Reception and Exhibit at Rusty Flack Art Gallery

11 September 2016

Here are some snaps from Friday nights exhibit and reception at The Rusty Flack Gallery.  Viewers came from all over and I was touched at the time people  took to really look at the work.   I feel very honored to be the first exhibitor in this beautiful new space.  The portrait of Rusty Flack is a reminder of a generous man whose family has done much for our community.  The gallery is open Saturdays in September from 1-3 pm or by appointment - contact me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Julie Strzeletz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Thank you. 

from 1


Recent Commission

01 August 2016

Spending time in the woods renews and grounds me.  Here is a commission I recently did of three things I love  trees, birds and stone walls. 


First Friday - September 2, 2016 - ArTwOrkS - Through Sept.29th

04 September 2016

Scranton had so much great energy Friday night.  Art with musicians at all the galleries and the Italian Festival.... people connecting through the arts.  It's magical. 



                        Me and Sharon with Herb Simon looking on......

                                Peter and Maureen Anania and Rosie

                           Looking in with Red Circle (Triptych) in the background

                              Viewers observing Sharon's gems

                          Sharon Cosgrove and John Bromberg (he gave us garlic)

Geisinger Does Paint and Sip !

26 June 2016

The last two Fridays I have done a 'Paint and Sip' for Geisinger's fifty-five and olders.  It's open to the public, and very well received.  These ladies didn't 'sip' much as they were painting away replicating Gustav Klimpt's  Apple Tree and the following week Van Gogh's Cypress Tree with Wheat Field.  It takes a lot of couraget to do something new.   Hats off the the participants!! 






A Visual "bite"

12 June 2016

Some recent works inspired by nature. 

                          'Whoosh'  Mixed Medium tripych each "36 x 18" 


   "LL Birch" mixed medium 36" x 18"



             "Columbine 2016" mixed medium 40" x 30"










Forty Seven

04 June 2016


Forty Seven.  You Are Loved.  Rest in Peace L.M. 







SummArt International Exhibition at Linde Corporation

26 May 2016


In 2005 I was asked by Sharon Cosgrove artist and professor at Wilkes University to participate in an extraordinary 'paint along' with Turkish artists who were coming to Wilkes-Barre to paint for the week.   We were sponsored by Linde Corporation who is business partners with Mete Bora who sponsors artist 'residencies' throughout the world.  He is a huge patron of the arts hence creating SummArt - a huge platform in Istanbul for performing and visual art.  Three years ago Scott flew Sharon and me to Moldova where we were hosted by Mete.  We painted along Turkish and Romanian artists for a week and treated like royalty.  





Recently Scott asked Mete for a smattering of Turkish art to display at his office in Pittston, Pa.  The work is hanging there as well as some works from the artists who participated in the 2005 paint-extravaganza.  As a tribute to Mete whose birthday is June 5 there will be an open house and viewing of the artwork from 2-pm.