Sole Food Exhibition coming up!

13 June 2010
Earl Lehman and I are co-teaching painting this summer for the month of July for ARTS ALIVE in Scranton.  We will be teaching at ARTWORKS, a gorgeous new gallery/teaching space on Lackawanna Avenue in Scranton, Pa.  Our joint show will run concurrently.  The first  opening will be First Friday  July 2, 2010. The second opening will be the first Friday on August 6th and runs through August 27th.  The Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11-5. 
Artworks is located on 503 Lackawanna Avenue Scranton, Pa 18503.
Phone is 570 207 1815  www.

Linda is happy!

10 June 2010
The North Branch Land Trust saluted Linda Thoma by giving her a certificate to have a painting done by me to her liking.
I met with Linda several months ago in her beautiful remodeled home and she gave me some words that would describe what she wanted created.  The words were - enchanting, mystical, fairies, and woods.  Today she came with her co-worker Barb to pick up her piece and they were both moved to tears which consequently got me a little dewed up.  : )

Girl on Beach

26 April 2010
This painting commissioned by a father for his daughter for her June wedding showing her on a Australian beach with a stick in her hand.  The father wanted me to make it look as if she's just written her fiance's name in the sand. What a neat idea - what a neat dad - what a lucky daughter.


05 April 2010
Here's some latest projects - We put a frame on the Aerial view of W-B and painting the surrounding area blue to make it pop a bit. 

A commission by a wife for her the upcoming 40th birthday of her husband

And a painted window for the renovated Balance yoga studio 900 Rutter Ave Forty Fort - the grand opening is this Saturday from 5-8! Congrats Jen!


W-B Aerial View Almost Ready....

23 February 2010
The final touches are being put on the mural for first block South Main St. Dave Lewis is going to pick it up Friday and install which is will be cause for celebration!  Tomorrow I go to Philly for my first class as I was accepted into the Mural Arts Training Program.   It is a six week program where I will be learning how to do a mural on parachute cloth - an exhibition of our murals will be at the end of the program.  I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!

Work in Progress....

26 January 2010
I'm working away on the arial view of Wilkes-Barre - just need to get my hands on the arial view of the new waterfront....
Here's a look of the work in progress - as soon as it's done it's going to it's new home on the old Nortons or Humphreys building on South Main St.  Hoping to get this finished by the end of the month... so I can start on the second one.....

Outdoor mural being done indoors

13 January 2010
It's been awhile since I've Blogged... it's a new year and lots is shaken down here at the loft.  Mainly an outdoor mural  for first block of South Main St which will be transported once it's completed.  I'm doing an arial view of Wilkes-Barre, shown below is a detail view of the W.I.P (work in progress). 

Six 12 Year Olds Celebrate!

12 December 2009
Six lovely girls came to the loft yesterday to celebrate Dominique's 12th birthday.  They each painted their own silk scarf and had a great time doing so - here they are showing off their creations.  Great way to whet their appetite for TGI Fridays and birthday cake! 


11 December 2009
Last week my sisters and I went to Kripalu in Massachusetts - a retreat of healthy food, yoga, and stimulating conversation.  But the best part was being with them. I had a special walk with each of them, bringing back memories of being outside in the woods, building forts and exploring as kids in Dallas, Pa.

Commision to Indianapolis

11 December 2009
Carrie from Indianapolis boyfriend surprised her in November with a trip to Grand Cayman ---- she's surprising him at Christmas with a scene painted by me of the view from the condo ... not too shabby, eh?

Third Friday in W-B!!

20 November 2009
Lots of exciting stuff going on this weekend in the NEPA artworld!  Tonite is Third Friday and what makes it extra special is the "grand opening" of ART SEEN - a co-op gallery right on the square - 

The second section completed!

11 November 2009
I finished the second section of the Bell Furniture mural last week - I'm now waiting for approval to do two more on the first block of South Main before it gets too cold.....: )

Wall continues with the help of a sprayer!!

27 October 2009
The city of Wilkes-Barre has been great in helping me get this wall covered --- a spray gun makes a huge difference getting into all the nooks and crannies of this old brick wall - my arms are so thankful.... !  Thanks to Dave and Carl for helping me!!!!

South Main Street mural continues!!

24 October 2009
The City of Wilkes-Barre has been great in helping prepare the wall and providing a scissor lift for the continuation of the mural on the Bell Furniture Wall.  I started yesterday getting the major areas blocked out - Because the brick is so bumpy I'm going to explore using a spayer to get some of the big areas covered in paint.  That will save my arms and hands as these murals prove to be rather physical.  I love it though --- I love every single bit of the process - working with people, coming up with an idea, hearing the sound of the street, hearing the comments of the people, painting so big, working the scissor lift... going way up high and seeing from another perspective.  In yoga there is an idea of standing on your head - to change your perspective plus to get fresh oxygenated blood to your head - I like it when these premises make sense in a practical way.  So keep posted - i'll be showing the progession...........

South Main Street - Wilkes-Barre!!!!!!!

15 October 2009
Things are moving along on the First and Second Block of South Main Street in W-B!  Dave Lewis is prepping the second section of the Bell Funiture Wall - Jim Bell asked to have his sign repainted which I did over the weekend and the city has asked me to paint murals on  two recently boared up store fronts.

The plaster has been taken down and will get primed to be a fresh 'canvas'

Here I am repainting the Bell Furniture sign - on the scissor lift again!!

And here is the repainted sign - what a difference!!!!

It's a Scranton Week!

22 September 2009
It's a Scranton week! Thursday from 9-12 there is a great event happening at the Lackawanna Trolley Museum....  " A presentation will be made by ArtsQuest, a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating the arts and culture in and around greater Lehigh Valley, PA. ArtsQuest operates the Banana Factory Arts Center, and presents Musikfest, and  is planning for an even brighter future with the SteelStacks community project. For more information on ArtsQuest please visit  There will also be an exhibit by many of our talented local artists" (this is where I come in : ))  After that some talented students come to my studio for private lessons and then to a dinner and opening at the Everhart museum to see Day of the Dead with Ken Marquis and Trish - yahoo! 

This weekend I hung out with my 14 year old neice and we baked a real bonafide apple pie - the crust and all ... plus some healthy oat bread for good measure (  no pun intended... ) ---- here she is before we consumed........

Love Letters in Philly!

15 September 2009
Saturday night was a great experience viewing 50 rooftop murals from 45th to 63 streets along the Market Street corridor in Philadephia via the "L" subway line.  The murals collectively express a love letter from a guy to a girl, from an artist to his hometown, and from local residents to their West Philadelphia neighborhood.  Once again the arts bring a city together on so many levels - a dreary, monotonous train ride turned into a glimpse of glimmers : )

Second Wedding Anniversary Present!

25 August 2009

This is a test
Detailed view of above painting

Jen from Balance Yoga commissioned me to do a wedding anniversary present for her husband Ed to celebrate Year Two!
She gave me some specifics in terms of the kids names - important dates - but really left the rest up to me! So here it is -

Studies for swimming pool liners

18 August 2009
Lots going on these days  - preparing for teaching my first college course at Keystone College in LaPlume, Pa which will be 2D meeting twice a week.  I'm very excited to be part of this awesome art program.  Currently I'm working on studies for pool liners - Below are some samples -

Garden Delight

10 August 2009
 I  recently returned from a week at the beach plus some time in Philly.  Reading "Loving Frank" (about Frank Lloyd Wright)  a book by Joseph Campbell - walking the beach, seeing art and architecture rejuvenated me psyching me up for my next body of work.  Tomorrow I go to Philly again to tour the murals with Jane Golden - executive director of the Mural Arts Program and Bill Harral.  My garden delighted me to this unbelievable display of mixed greens, swiss chard, bok choy and some cucumbers.  Haven't had to water but once this summer!!