Times Leader Article - August 11 2013

12 August 2013

                                              detail of 'Fully Supported" acrylic on canvas

                                    "Fully Supported" 50"x36" acrylic on canvas
Mary Therese of the Times Leader newspaper wrote a super article giving the flavor of the Moldova experience I had with fellow artist Sharon Bowar.

She said, “people look like their paintings”

11 June 2013

I am painting with two artists from Romania- one from Moldova - and twenty from Turkey. We are being sponsored by Summa company and by Pittson, PA based Linde International, Inc. The images are of us painting in a mall - Mall Dova - in Moldova. We each have a big canvas to create whatever we want which will be sold to help a local art school.

Yesterday Aylin from Turkey remarked that people looked like their paintings – and she's right!

Heading to Moldova

11 June 2013

                         summaArt USA Painters Campus 2005 Wilkes University Wilkes Barre Pa

In 2005 I was invited along with seven other American artists to paint with eight Turkish Artists at Wilkes University, Pa. This amazing opportunity was sponsored by Linde Enterprises Inc which is affliated with SUMMA- an internationall contruction company based in Turkey.   The head of SUMMA- Mete Bora -  loves artists and providing opportunites  for artists to gather, paint, and exchange ideas.   Scott Linde recently (I mean really recently) asked if I would like to participate in a Summa Art seven day painting excursion in Mondolva - and I said .... YES!!  So tomorrow I go - every so often the stars line up - thank you Scott, thank you Mete Bora.......  - Mondolva- ..... here I come!

Stimulating Walking in NYC

17 May 2013
Art stimulates and helps us to see our surrounding in a different light - what was at one time mundane, becomes tantalizing.  This proved true in a recent walk in nyc where skyscrapers were the inspiration for   "an eye-popping array of 10 sleek, streamlined, steel sculptures of buildings ranging from the Empire State to the Flatiron, will line Park Avenue from 54th Street to 67th Street, creating a zany, futuristic cityscape that could have been assembled from a Brobdingnagian erector set."  Here are some examples:

Follow this link for more information.

Finally walked into Earth and Wears

03 April 2013
'Push Pin' mixed media on paper 3"x3"                                                 
Julia Cameron's book The Artists Way  suggests doing three things:

1.  Write three pages long hand as soon as you wake up.
2.  Walk daily to tap into your higher self.
3.  Take yourself and yourself only on an 'artists date'.

The first two, I do daily however taking the time to take myself on an artist's date - whether it be going to a rug store to look at the color and weave of an oriental, to a movie, to an art exhibit or .... a store that showcases local artisans..... takes some conscious scheduling on my part.

Last week I finally walked into Earth and Wears on 68 Main Street in Dallas, Pa.   What an uplifting experience - seeing works by friends Kim Cappellini, Jean Adams and Skip Skenbach  -meeting owner and potter extrodinaire Lyn Carey made me think... what took me so long?  And to top it all off Lyn asked to carry some of my works - I'm in good company. 

French Restaurant Coming To Wilkes-Barre

18 February 2013

Eiffel Tower Study in red - one of four
It's true... a real french restaurant is coming to Wilkes-Barre!  It's going in a reconverted bank building on Ross and South Main.  I've been commissioned to supply the art work and am doing  the Eiffel Tower in midnight blue, orange blue and green.  The panels are being made - tall verticals - my favorite!  I'm so excited.....!!

Grow with Ro

04 February 2013
I recently collaborated with my sister who just launched her website - we co-created with her logo and home page.  Pretty neat to do projects with my sisters - actually, it's pretty neat to do anything with my sisters......

It's Warm Somewhere.....

01 February 2013
Here is juxtaposition - my most favorite four legged friend getting snowed upon outside my studio while I paint fish and turtles of Grand Cayman for one very lucky person to hand deliver to Kennedy Gallery......


What is Next??? It's All in the Sketchbook ----

12 January 2013

It's a new year - I'm in a new studio... and I have lots and lots of empty canvases and surfaces waiting ..... this is the hardest part of the process - there is a whole ritual of ridiculous behavior which goes on before settling down and looking at that blank surface square in the face and ... beginning.  My Molskine journals pave the way... always.

Zach -

28 December 2012

He said " I want to give her something beyond the ordinary for Christmas this year..."  - The solution? -    A portrait of their son done in pencil.  Did it work?  Yep......

Peloton -

21 December 2012

When I was asked to do this commission years ago, I didn't grasp the concept of working as a team to get to a higher ground.  In a peloton, one leads for awhile and then when tired another biker rides up to take the on wind  for the good of the group.  I understand more and more the idea of sharing life with others, of asking for help when needed as opposed to doing it all alone.  So many people help me on a daily basis and I am so grateful.  This season when it's dark and cold the light we share with one another is, to me, what the season is all about.

E.H Shepard for Anna Katherine

19 November 2012
E.H.Shepard illustrated the original Winnie the Pooh book.  Today I finished a mural for the nursery of the soon to be Anna Katherine who will be arriving on the scene in February.  While painting her mural I was able to look out the window and see the similar colors Shepard used - although Winnie, Eeyore, Piglet, Kanga, Roo, Kanga, Tigger and good ol, Christopher weren't included... .they're there in spirit and I have a feeling will be presented in other ways in her room.

Hanging and Speaking

16 November 2012

Here are the four flowers hanging - emanating the energy of each girl - or so the mother says....

Four Flowers for Four Girls

10 November 2012

Have you ever heard the question - "if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?"  Well, this is the question that popped in my head but slightly differently.  My lastest commission has come to fruition based on this quesion: "if each of your four girls were a flower, what kind of flower would they be?"  The answer came back - Calla lilly for the oldest daugther, Dahlia and sunflower for the middle girls and tulip for the youngest.  Pretty cool answer and pretty cool installation that took ... eight hours to hang.  Thanks to Marquis art and frame and four awesome guys who helped hang these over eight feet paintings.  Stay tuned for the completed installation... coming to your computer soon...... : )!

Sunflower for Marywood

11 October 2012

The colorful mural of the sunflower I did in Tunkhannock, inspired me to do a black and white 41"x76" acrylic painting on paper.  It is one of six that will be hung in the group show at Marywood a week from Saturday.  Opening reception is from 6-8 - a great fall event!!

Renovation Project Completed!

01 October 2012

Last night I got the word that the scaffolding was taken down and this picture was sent showing the building in Tunkhannock -standing tall and proud - with all the love and dedication given to it in the past two months.  The sunflower which is seen on the original cornice gave Carlos Penedos the idea to have me paint one with butterflies.
Certainly it will add some life to a busy corner - brightening the days of many a passerby.

He Said "I would like a painting ....

11 September 2012

He said " I would like a painting of the spot were my future son-in-law proposed to my daughter  to give them as a wedding present."

The spot - familiar to many who have seen the paintings while in my studio immediately say "that's Rickett's Glen!"  We're lucky to have such a beautiful spot - and what an idyllic place to say 'yes'! 

It's Started!

06 September 2012

It's started - I'm way up on scaffolding... Foreman Dave said " No flip flops tomorrow" hmmmm.... it's just nice to dangle my legs off the edge with no shoes on while painting.......

Coming Soon to a Wall Near You!!

04 September 2012

Keep your eyes PEELED nepa!  Soon coming to a Wall Near You!!!   I start tomorrow working on this beautiful sunflower with butterflies to boot - It's going to be big and in a prime spot... but.....nooone will see it --- till it's all done - finito!

Mural Manifestation

02 September 2012

Visualization, vision boards, and writing your dreams down are powerful tools for manifestation.  A couple years ago I did a study for a mural never actualized which illustrates the nine wolf rules from Clarissa Pinkola Estes book 'Women who Run with Wolves".  The rules tell how to regain or maintain a sense of balance and are as follows:  Eat, Rest, Rove in Between, Render Loyalty, Love the Children, Cavil in Moonlight, Tend to the Bones, Make Love, and Howl Often. 
If all goes well there is  a chance the study may become a reality due to a good friend who now works in Santa Monica for a humanitarian agency wanting a mural to support their vision.  We'll see - it's in writing as to what I want ....  oh, and the Universe likes speed!