He Said "I would like a painting ....

11 September 2012

He said " I would like a painting of the spot were my future son-in-law proposed to my daughter  to give them as a wedding present."

The spot - familiar to many who have seen the paintings while in my studio immediately say "that's Rickett's Glen!"  We're lucky to have such a beautiful spot - and what an idyllic place to say 'yes'! 

It's Started!

06 September 2012

It's started - I'm way up on scaffolding... Foreman Dave said " No flip flops tomorrow" hmmmm.... it's just nice to dangle my legs off the edge with no shoes on while painting.......

Coming Soon to a Wall Near You!!

04 September 2012

Keep your eyes PEELED nepa!  Soon coming to a Wall Near You!!!   I start tomorrow working on this beautiful sunflower with butterflies to boot - It's going to be big and in a prime spot... but.....nooone will see it --- till it's all done - finito!

Mural Manifestation

02 September 2012

Visualization, vision boards, and writing your dreams down are powerful tools for manifestation.  A couple years ago I did a study for a mural never actualized which illustrates the nine wolf rules from Clarissa Pinkola Estes book 'Women who Run with Wolves".  The rules tell how to regain or maintain a sense of balance and are as follows:  Eat, Rest, Rove in Between, Render Loyalty, Love the Children, Cavil in Moonlight, Tend to the Bones, Make Love, and Howl Often. 
If all goes well there is  a chance the study may become a reality due to a good friend who now works in Santa Monica for a humanitarian agency wanting a mural to support their vision.  We'll see - it's in writing as to what I want ....  oh, and the Universe likes speed!