Second Mural at the New Wet Paint Building

22 August 2015


The sun was off the building at around 12 last week which made painting the second mural at Wet Paint bearable with perhaps the last 'heat wave' of the summer.  Passersby seem delighted with the changes Steve Taren is making with the building which hereto before was run down, abandoned, and pilfered.  Now it is breathing life and vibrancy.  Here is what one described as "whimsical" - dog, cat, dove... doing what I like to do - PAINT!   And next week I start an 8' x 40' mural on the same building.  Stay tuned!

July/ August ...oh summer summer I do Love you

17 August 2015

My oh my summer is zipping.  July was teaching at Marywood University for Arts Alive - the kids had a great exhibition after four weeks of painting, mixed media, pottery and jewelry.  The first photo is some of the instuctors and one talented teacher who took the class for continuing ed.  Second shot is a wall of the kids works - grades 5-11 .... so proud of them - they got all dressed up for their exhibiton - music, friends and family - they were thrilled.

Next is a commission piece--- do you know where this is??? I did - oh yes - Nepa is so wonderfully close to Philly and NYC. 

And now - to get up to speed, I'm working on a mural for Steve Taren who owns Wet Paint - a very busy place in South Wilkes-Barre specializing in life size cut outs as well as many other things.  Check out their site  It's a FUN building that's transforming the block - I"m so thankful to be part of it's expansion.  And I get to paint my dog!  I mean, really, does it get any better then this?