Double scarf twisted for belt

26 August 2010

As appreciation to Joe Amato and Andrea Donten for hosting the United Way fundraising event in September,  I've been commissioned to make a scarf for Andrea.   A different Andrea suggested I twist the two scarves together to make a cool belt which is shown above.. 

Dawn and Donna bring Mom for lesson

21 August 2010

Twins Dawn and Donna gave their mom a special birthday surprise by taking her for the day.  The neat thing Trish didn't know where she was going and lucky for me... the first stop was a two hour art fest where they worked on collage pieces.  Afterwards they were taking her to see Eat, Pray, Love and then probably after seeing that movie a feast of Italian food!

Dawn recently had a book published  I Know When to Stay Quiet due in October.  Donna did the photogragh for the book cover.  Needless to say, Trish is one proud Mom.  : )

Cosmos Inpiration

14 August 2010

There's something about white and light color flowers against the blue summer sky that always inspires me to paint on charmeuse silk - 'the Cadillac of silks'.