Third Friday - July 17 -

14 July 2009
I'm not going to have open studio this Friday because it is Jan Salius's last day at Something Special in Kingston.  She and her family are moving to Seattle---- and this is her last week  - so - many artists, musicians and patrons are going to gather to give her a splendid send-off including - moi!  Please stop by for third Friday -- or stop in for breakfast and/or lunch -her head chef John is taking over!  Third Friday begins around 5pm.

Teaching at Arts Alive in Scranton!

10 July 2009
The past week has been awesome teaching high school kids from various Scranton schools at Arts Alive.  This is an incredible program of various art disciplines (photography, mixed media, and performing arts) which meet five hours a day five days a week at different venues in Scranton.  We all have the same theme which is CINEMA this year.  On July 31 at 7pm there will be a performance at the Scranton Culural Center (which is the venue where I teach painting with professional artist Earl Lehman) and will also showcase the paintings of the 16 great kids - there will also be a huge screen showing their images. 
It's a wonderful opportunity and experience for all involved.  

Silk scarves at Buka!

03 July 2009

Johanna at Buka in Shavertown is awesome!  She fills a great need in our area in supplying tres chic and cool clothes - she recently purchased some of my scarves to sell - check her out on the Memorial Highway in Shavertown.   She's having a big sale next week......

Great article in Times Leader today!

03 July 2009

I don't read the paper - so, when something like this happens, my sister or brother-in-law give me the morning call clueing me in.. they also clue me in when hurricanes, tornadoes or  major flooding are coming......
The Times Leader... Read Article

Luna Wall to be painted!

02 July 2009

I met with Lorenzo the other day at Luna night club in downtown Wilkes-Barre - I'm going to be working on a 'lunar scene' on week from Sunday to wrap up his awesome space!  Come check it out ----