Beaumont Inn Wine Cellar Mural

12 April 2014

Rob Friedman had vision when he reopened the Beaumont Inn - and people are showing up to take part in wonderful food on the outdoor patio, in the dining area, bar area and now the newly renovated wine cellar.  The setting is so beautiful we decided to bring some of the outside  "in" with a view from the gardens looking back to the inn. 

The opposite wall showcases the talents of Cindy Trudgen with the look being as if you were in an actual wine cellar with barrels of wine.   Many people are booking special occasion - from Anniversary dinners, showers and weddings.  Thanks Rob!
















New works - Nudes

10 April 2014

"Only what has been covered up many times can emerge, immersed, brought up, immersed, brought up, until it flowers and blooms and becomes in its own radiance, spells out its own creative meaning and LIVES.  Only then can we stop our making, let it FLY on its own as all things mean and are meant to soar in spirit, for FREEDOM is the ground from which we rise, nor should we ever limit the horizon, imagination infinitely expands and gives up room for ceaseless change and endless growth."

Richard Pousette-Dart