Show At Marquis in Scranton - First Friday April 5 !

30 March 2019

Gratitude and Steps

24 March 2019


the kids are very excited to be adding a 'message' and art work to their school


      art core sixth graders working of back riser for school steps

        we put the unfinished boards up to get a glimpse of progress made


The past four weeks, I have been the artist in residency for the well established program started by art teacher Debbie Donowsky.  She has had a working artist come for the past twenty one years to do four classes with each student.  This year we focused on gratitude - each student in the school did a mixed medium project for which they were grateful.  Twenty four 'art core' sixth graders met every day to work on the back risers of the schools steps with the theme also being gratitude.  Books, school, family, friends, food are just some of the examples of what the kids depicted.  April 18 there will be a breakfast with all the works hanging around the school and an 'unveiling' of the finished steps. 




Some Commissions -

09 March 2019

Here are some commissions I have done in the past several months.


 The goalie of the commissioning father is going to be in the olympics some day.  And - she's only in eighth grade! 


The cats were commissioned for the cats owner - the one on the top right was close to passing over the rainbow bridge.  What a wonderful reminder of her four legged friend being outside with her buddy - soaking up the blue sky and fresh air. 



One of the two pieces done for CASA in Wilkes-Barre to add some meaning and brightness to their newly painted office in  Wilkes- Barre.