Shavertown Home Gets Original Art

29 March 2011

Yesterday I hung some new pieces in a beautiful home in Shavertown.  Val said 'my house is an open canvas' as there were many blank walls begging for some original art work.  She  picked a pair of salt and pepper shaker paintings for the dining area and a stretched butterfly silk painting for the den.   She and her husband commissioned me to do two pieces for their spacious living room - one of a ginkgo and one of lupine - both images have symbolic significance to their life together with their three beautiful kids. 

When in Doubt ----DRAW

09 March 2011


This is the motto of the Art Students League in New York City  where I went every day for four years.  It was my world  - everyone was enthralled with learning everything they could about art.  We all drew from the model religiously.  When in a "slump" I'm reminded by several artists friends to .... just draw.  It soothes me - takes the pressure off and almost always leads me to a better connection with ideas that need to be nurtured into paintings.
Here are some sketches from my moleskin sketchbook - I have been pretty good at a drawing a day......

Tess's Room

02 March 2011

Yesterday I added fairies and birds to Tess's freshly painted pink/ orange room.  She was very intent that the fairies and birds sing to her which her dad promised would happen as she fell asleep.  Her big sister Sophia was great support as I was painting and even let me borrow a dab of her newly aquired black acrylic paint -  thanks Phia!!!!