Lucy Lu and Riley Rue

06 February 2019


They said it was well worth waiting till January to receive their Christmas present painting.  I have the sneaking suspicion Lucy Lu and Riley Rue are very well cared for..... 


'You gotta learn to live with what you can't rise above' Boss

03 February 2019




He said , " I would like an abstract painting for my new apartment" - We looked at the space and agreed some warm colors, perhaps some squares, and??? were in order.  I culled everything I knew about him.  Where he lived, worked out, and worked.  Knowing his very most favorite musician is Bruce Sprinsteen, I weaved over layers of line, texture and color lines of his most poignant, poetic lyrics.  And numbers of cours going up to my ripe age of 49.   Here it is shown from studio to above couch.