Our Last Walk

26 February 2018


My sister Ramah said there is a last time for everything and usually we don't know it.  A last time your child sits on your lap, a last time you tuck them in, a last time you hug your parent. Two weeks ago, I took my four legged comanion and love, Eloise out for, unbeknownst to me, our last walk.  We stopped and I took a photograph of the stream which struck me with the decaying leaves underneath and the sun sparkles on top.  She passed the next day.  I came home and started a watercolor on hot press paper in her honor as a way of processing this grief.   I miss her more than words can express and find solace in knowing there is also a first for everything.  


A Full Art Day for 23 seventh grade Core Art Student.

24 February 2018

Friday February 23, twenty- three art core students along with their art teacher, Debbie Donowski, Ali Wilson, and Debbie Cichak from Tunkhannock Middle School and myself did a field trip.  I was asked to show the kids some of my work as a finale to the residency I did at their school.  The core group was selected based on grades, behavior and desire to do art.  We completed a mural which will be hung on the new seventh grade academy building in May. 

 Highlights from the trip

- Seeing the ariel view of Wilkes-Barre mural and sunflower mural.

-  Viewing the amazing hubcap collection thanks to Ken Marquis graciousness. 

- Seeing the amazing exhibition at the new Sordoni gallery by Angela Fraleigh.

- Touring the inside and outside of Wet Paint and being educated on the graphic side of art by Steve Taren. 

- Viewing the local murals designed and painted by Jim O'Connell and myself at Hardee's restaurant in Wilkes-Barre.

- Being welcomed by Mary Beth Pacuska and 'The School of Practical Nursing' and seeing the history of nursing       mural we co-created. 

- Being warmly greeted by John Pepe at Linde headquarters, fed lunch prepared by Eric Kranson, touring the beautiful building and seeing three floors of my works. 

- take aways given to all the kids and cupcakes!!!!!

- picture taken with Scott LInde who shared that his seventh grade teacher said ' if you don't shape up, you're going to    be digging ditches... "  hmmm... 

- a drive by Main street Pittston to see ALL the amazing art !  


Looking Down in Wonder

11 February 2018




We often look 'up' or 'out' to see the always available 'show' Mother Nature is giving us.  As of late, I have been seeing her random beauty by looking down.  There is no arranging or rearranging needed with pine needles atop fern amongst dead leaves.  It's all exquisite - the living amongst the decay.