The Happy Series

19 January 2018

Words have vibrations, as does color - so why not surround yourself with high vibe words and color? 


Mr. Tobie - Fifteen Years Old!

11 January 2018


I went to nursery school with Tobie's master and he and his wife  asked me to do a portrait of their 'first child' of fifteen years. Tobie is a Scottish terrier and still looking rather regal for an old chap! 


Marriage and Family....

06 January 2018

She said she wanted a painting that depicted her marriage vows and the energy/ life force of her four girls.  She looked at my past works and came up with the colors and some ideas.  I worked them into a sketch which she added some comments.  On Christmas Eve, I delivered the works and unveiled them to one happy mamma.  Thank you is what I say : )