Take yourself on a date

15 January 2016


                                              From my molskine sketchbook - one a day ....!!!

Julia Cameron suggests going on artists date once a week by yourself.  Take yourself on a date!  It could be going to a movie, a museum or as simple as going to a rug store to look at colors and textures from another country, and art store or a coffee shop in one town over.

Matt Kahn says creativity is what we are all striving for - all spirituality is aimed towards one thing - and that is, creativity.

How do you manifest creativity?  By doing something different.  Go a different way to work, brush your teeth with your opposite hand, eat something you don't usually eat, pay more compliments, ask someone you don't really know to lunch, take a different class.  And then, congratulate yourself and get ready to create.  Create your own reality.  Create the life you want.  

2016 MORE

02 January 2016

MORE  has OM in it (backwards)!


 2016 - More consciousness, more connection, more clarity, more creating, more calm.