Kisses from Weez

14 January 2011

Monday was the first opportunity this year to get out in the woods with cross country skis.  Weez needs skis too- she spends a lot of time stopping to chew snowballs out of her paws....

New Year Greetings!

07 January 2011

Here's a studio shot of two 4ft x 4ft paintings I recently did.  Coffee cup - May your cup runneth over in 2011!  And Salt and Pepper.  Both are stretched and hanging on the entrance to the Benco Headquarters cafeteria called "Kitty's Kitchen".

'Winter" - Not So Bad To Be Blue

28 January 2011

         "Winter" fabric paint on silk 44" x 44"                                                         by Leigh Pawling

Winter isn't so bad with knock out blue skies like this one ......