Wood, Concrete and Clay = BEAUTY

22 October 2011

Today I drove up past Hamlin to pick up a great sculpture I purchased at the Artworks Gallery this summer by Matt Povse. 
I'm so excited to assemble it and enjoy it for a life time.  Here's a shot of him in his studio.

Growing like an Asparagus?!?

16 October 2011

About thirteen years ago I did an asparagus growth chart in the mud room of a home in Shavertown,Pa.  The family has documented the date and growth of their four children - from the time they could stand by themselves, to the height to which they've matured.  I recently completed another asparagus - fresh for charting growth - on a piece of wood which can be taken with this new family of three should they ever move. 

Beauty and Pain

08 October 2011

                                   "Shine"   48" x 72"  acrylic on canvas    Leigh Pawling

"One of my favorite stories is told about Renoir, the famous french painter.  Apparently, when he was older, he suffered greatly from arthritis, but he kept painting anyhow.  On one occasion his friend, Matisse, said to him, 'Renoir, why do you keep painting when you are in so much pain?'

Renoir simply replied, 'the pain passes, but the beauty remains.'"