Wall continues with the help of a sprayer!!

27 October 2009
The city of Wilkes-Barre has been great in helping me get this wall covered --- a spray gun makes a huge difference getting into all the nooks and crannies of this old brick wall - my arms are so thankful.... !  Thanks to Dave and Carl for helping me!!!!

South Main Street mural continues!!

24 October 2009
The City of Wilkes-Barre has been great in helping prepare the wall and providing a scissor lift for the continuation of the mural on the Bell Furniture Wall.  I started yesterday getting the major areas blocked out - Because the brick is so bumpy I'm going to explore using a spayer to get some of the big areas covered in paint.  That will save my arms and hands as these murals prove to be rather physical.  I love it though --- I love every single bit of the process - working with people, coming up with an idea, hearing the sound of the street, hearing the comments of the people, painting so big, working the scissor lift... going way up high and seeing from another perspective.  In yoga there is an idea of standing on your head - to change your perspective plus to get fresh oxygenated blood to your head - I like it when these premises make sense in a practical way.  So keep posted - i'll be showing the progession...........

South Main Street - Wilkes-Barre!!!!!!!

15 October 2009
Things are moving along on the First and Second Block of South Main Street in W-B!  Dave Lewis is prepping the second section of the Bell Funiture Wall - Jim Bell asked to have his sign repainted which I did over the weekend and the city has asked me to paint murals on  two recently boared up store fronts.

The plaster has been taken down and will get primed to be a fresh 'canvas'

Here I am repainting the Bell Furniture sign - on the scissor lift again!!

And here is the repainted sign - what a difference!!!!