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28 July 2018

                                   Joshua with his favorite drawing

                            Emmy and Elena with their bunny ears that lit up

            Joshua and Dylan worked together to creat a glowing green hat

             Joshua left lots of notes, this one really warmed my heart.....

                                 Catherine Cullen / Program director

This year Arts Alive joined with engineers Nick Truncale and Nate Williams from Nexus Solutions, designer Valerie of Valerie Kiser Designs and me doing the painting with Michael Sorrentino.  The students constructed wearable art which they programmed to be interactive with light and sound.  We began by being inspired by the exhibit by Kathleen Elliot in the Everhart Museum which transformed one thing into something else.  We had an intense two weeks and yesterday their work was proudly displayed for their loved ones.  I'll miss them all and hope they come back next year!