Wilkes-Barre Area Practical Nursing School Mural Home

13 March 2016




I have been working away on this mural for the Wilkes Barre Area Practical Nursing school.  The director of the school,  Mary Beth Pacuska, saw me working on the mural I did for Steve Taren's building Wet Paint in Wilkes Barre.  The school being newly spiffed up, had a long hallway which Mary Beth felt needed something.... a mural, perhaps?    We worked together coming up with the idea to depict the history of nursing visually.   Working in sections on cloth all winter in my studio, it was  adhered it to the wall on Thursday.  The students came out of class to a transformed hallway which they really apprecatied!  I really enjoyed learning about nursing - some strong woman - Florence  Nightingale and Clara Barton.... and meeting another one -  Mary Beth : )