New Mural for Practical Nursing School in Wilkes-Barre Home

13 March 2016

I have been working away on this mural for the Wilkes Barre Area Practical Nursing school.  The director of the school,  Mary Beth Pacuska, saw me working on the mural I did last summer for Steve Tarens building Wet Paint in Wilkes Barre.  The school being newly spiffed up, had a long hallway which Mary Beth felt needed something.... a mural, perhaps?    We worked together coming up with the idea to depict the history of nursing visually.   I worked on it on cloth in my studio and we adhered it to the wall on Thursday.  The students came out of class astonished!  I really enjoyed learning about nursing - some stong woman - Florence  Nightengale and Clara Barton.... and meeting Mary Beth, the staff and great students.