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01 December 2013

Julia Cameron has written many books which help cultivate creativity.  Yes - a blank canvas is still exhilarating and scary - until I begin... and then it's ok.  All ok.

Looking over some questions from her book Walking in This World which I answered in 2007, I was once again reassurred that I am doing what I believe I was called to do.

Here are some of the questions: 

1.  When I was a small child, I dreamed of growing up to be  ..... artist
2.  In my childhood , my interest in what art was encouraged? .... painting/ drawing
3.  In my childhood, my interest in what art was discouraged? .....none
4.  If I had had more encouragement, I would have probably tried .... not applicable
5.  The teacher who helped me see my gifts was ......Mrs. Hand and Peter Cox
6.  The childhood friend who helped me see my gifts was .... Beth