Finally walked into Earth and Wears Home

03 April 2013
'Push Pin' mixed media on paper 3"x3"                                                 
Julia Cameron's book The Artists Way  suggests doing three things:

1.  Write three pages long hand as soon as you wake up.
2.  Walk daily to tap into your higher self.
3.  Take yourself and yourself only on an 'artists date'.

The first two, I do daily however taking the time to take myself on an artist's date - whether it be going to a rug store to look at the color and weave of an oriental, to a movie, to an art exhibit or .... a store that showcases local artisans..... takes some conscious scheduling on my part.

Last week I finally walked into Earth and Wears on 68 Main Street in Dallas, Pa.   What an uplifting experience - seeing works by friends Kim Cappellini, Jean Adams and Skip Skenbach  -meeting owner and potter extrodinaire Lyn Carey made me think... what took me so long?  And to top it all off Lyn asked to carry some of my works - I'm in good company.